Marguerite Bennett Talks About Joker’s Daughter

Writer Marguerite Bennett opens up about  her upcoming one shot, Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1.  While there was a lot of buzz around the character during villains month, I doubt this one-shot was asked for by many, however it seems Bennett has a lot of interest in the character and wants to make her valuable.


Bennett spoke to CBR about how she sees this character.

“I think Joker’s Daughter is weak, and I think she is cruel,” said Bennett.  “I think she is needy, and acts out in her weakness and her cruelty — a way to feel powerful, to feel righteous, to achieve that sense of meaning and completeness that I believe everyone seeks. She’s found a satisfaction in pain, a superiority in her own newfound abilities, a way to feel important. She reminds me of Poe’simp of the perverse — that sudden shock of impulse that urges you to shove the person next to you down the stairs, or drive a knife through your own hand. These are natural thoughts that occur to everyone from one time or another, but we possess the restraint to recognize the thought as destructive and dismiss it. A person who is ill, perhaps, would be plagued by those thoughts, or unable to control them, or even compelled to act on them. Joker’s Daughter, however, seeks them out. She provokes them, cackles, calls it sickness, acts upon them and dances over the spilling blood … Batman does indeed appear, in a place I am honored to revisit. And you will see a few of his newer rogues before the night is through.”


Bennett also teased Newsarama with what the central  plot will be.

“This is a story of worship, as the Joker’s Daughter hunts for the great and horrible entity that could give her life meaning, make her chosen. This is devotion to a savage and absent god — how people define themselves through what they adore and revere and fear and desire.”


When speaking to Comicosity, Bennett also spoke about the deeper themes.

“I think, beyond Joker’s Daughter herself, there is a terrible suggestion of what would happen to readers if, one day, some piece of the Joker came into their lives?” the writer continued.  “He is a villain of such horror and grandeur—I think it is chilling but also rather intoxicating to imagine what you would do—you, now, reading this—if some part of the Joker himself came into your keeping. He hasn’t come to kill you, hasn’t come in person, but his face (which is his crown) is now in your hands, to treasure or to spurn or to secret away or to keep or to destroy or to don. You now possess a relic of death, the living proof of the existence of the Devil. Would you feel chosen or doomed? Would it give you meaning or deprive you of freedom? What do you do with it? How would possession of such a thing change you? What would it compel you to do? She is but one possible answer.”


Bennett certainly seems confident and ambitious.   What do you think, will you be giving this a shot?

Source – DCComics