Batman is 75 & still thrills us!

The Dark Knight wouldn’t have time to celebrate his birthday, his priorities reside with protecting Gotham and serving justice. However its 2014, and this is the 75th year anniversary of the Batman. So let’s celebrate for him!

Batman Detective Comic #27 has just been re-released to celebrate the very first inception of the Dark Knight that was released 75 years ago. It’s amazing that over such a long life span the character hasn’t diminished, if anything he has gone from strength to strength. The Batman is truly great, he is a legend, so let’s go through some reasons why he is just astonishing!

 The Batman’s Transport

The Dark Knight does not have any super powers, some of his DC counterparts can fly, swim under water for extended periods of time, and run very fast! What Batman can’t do himself in this category he makes up with his vehicles. Being a billionaire has its advantages, and with this fortune he has used the latest and greatest technology to build the Bat-Wing, Bat-Mobile, Bat-Bike, Bat-Cycle, Bat-Boat, and the list goes on!

Bat Vehicles







An aged Batman can serve an ultimate Ass whoop-in

In the one of the all time best-selling comics (Frank Miller’s) Dark Knight Returns, we see an aged Batman that comes out of retirement after 10 years and restores calm in his city. He manages to defeat the Mutant gang and their all-conquering leader, he deals with the Joker for good, and then kicks the living daylight out of Superman!







No other hero can compete with the Dark Knight

 When most comic book fans have a discussion on Batman vs “insert here” the general notion falls with the Dark Knight. We all know that with Bruce Wayne’s superior intelligence, his world-class detective skills, being super organised, and being the world’s ultimate fighting machine! How can you argue with that? On top of all that he has billions invested in technology and an arsenal of gadgets no one else on the planet has access to.

Bat No:1






Batman’s Wrath 

Batman hands down is a bad-ass! His wrath when in full swing is unmatched. Over and over again he has overcome impossible odds against bigger and stronger foes, solved the unsolvable crimes, and has escaped traps that no one on planet earth could deal with! These are the reasons why its cool that Batman has no super powers!







The Father Figure

Batman puts on the persona that he is alone, doesn’t have any friends or family, and simply has no human contact. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Over various story arcs and comic books, we see the Dark Knight take on crime with a family of crime fighting friends that he mentors and genuinely loves. He would do anything in his power to protect the likes of Robin, Knightwing, Bat-Girl, Catwoman, and the list goes on!








Most Awesome gallery of Villains

No one else in the DC universe has the wide scope of villains like the Dark Knight. Each villain has their own unique story, and for any other hero would prove to be too much. Batman has to deal with the biggest and deadliest group of villains and more often than not he is dealing with more than one at a time!

Batman's villians






He is the God Damn Batman!

Need we say any more!

goddamn bat







Happy 75th Birthday Batman

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