Batman Blows His Top in Times Square, but is Calmed by Spiderman (NSFW)

Apparently, not every day is a good day to be Batman, and as we know, everyone is prone to having bad days.

This cheerful holiday season of 2013 has brought New York City some light snowfall, and some odd days of temperatures near the 60 degree mark.  Additionally, the winter winds have swept in a rather potty-mouthed man wearing a Batman costume in Times Square.

We don’t exactly know what happened prior to the beginning of the video, but what we do know is that a man dressed in a Bat-suit was engaged in an altercation with a a passerby, and that profanity was used.

A New York City police officer approached the two men in an attempt to assess and diffuse the situation, but the angry Bat-fellow continued to sling profanity in an angered state.

Then, almost as a deus ex machina, not one, but two of your friendly neighborhood Spidermen stepped onto the scene and attempted to mollify the swearing Batman.  The process of calming him down was slow, but the wild Bat seems to have been tamed by Spiderman.

Yet, regarding the object of his rage, the angry Bat had one last point to make when he said:

“Gangsta wannabe mother******…He think he gangsta, but he ain’t no gangsta.  I know a gangsta when I see one.”

Merry Christmas!