Insanely Awesome Batman Graffiti Discovered in Abandoned Nursing School

Graffiti inspired by the many incarnations of the Dark Knight and his arch-nemesis has been discovered in an abandoned building in Ronse, Belgium.

Considering that I live in Miami, you’d think I’d appreciate the arts a little bit more. Granted, I understand that Miami is not often a name most associated with art, but consider the Art Basel that takes place every year in Downtown Miami and the fact that we have a little community down here in the pan handle, known as Wynwood, home to dozens of pretentious, snooty art galleries.

As much as you’d find some wonderful pieces in these upscale galleries, I find that the pieces I most enjoy and identify with are on relatively unconventional canvasses… or rather illegal canvasses. I’ve seen some really cool graffiti art in my day, but really none that quite incited such awe as the pieces that I’m writing about today.

Redditor Sneakylawyer was vacationing in Ronse, Belgium, when he and his beloved went off the beaten path and discovered an abandoned nursing school where they discovered some very awesome graffiti inspired by the many incarnations of the Dark Knight and even more breathtaking pieces inspired by the Joker.

Beautiful stuff. My favorite has got to be that corner featuring the Animated Series, Killing Joke, and Jock Joker. Though the Batman: TAS cast portrait is coming in really close. It makes you wonder how this stuff is still illegal, right? Gotta give credit where it’s due, the person responsible for these pieces is Batfan Pete One. Check out some more of his art here.

What do you think? Vandalism or art? Awesome or a desecration? Let me know.

Source: Reddit (via io9)

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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