Gotham TV Series Looking to Cast Young Bruce Wayne as Series Regular

The upcoming live-action TV series set in Gotham City, known simply as Gotham, is looking to cast a young Bruce Wayne as a regular character

Last week, we got some pretty big news regarding WB’s upcoming Gotham TV series. There were reports suggesting the series will kick-off with the double homicide of Bruce’s parents. It will involve our hero, a young James Gordon, investigating the grisly murders. Considering the fact that it remained unconfirmed with any official source, it was treated as a rumor.

The news today not only helps us to confirm the Wayne murders story arc, but also tells us that fans will also be able to look forward to a young Bruce Wayne. News comes from a casting website called, providing information on a call to cast a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne to appear in the series as a regular character.


Can you the imagine the possible implications of a young Bruce Wayne as a series regular? Though I’m not particularly hoping to see Bruce as Gordon’s junior detective, it’d be incredibly fun to see Bruce develop the detective skills that earned him the title of “World’s Greatest Detective.”  Considering a recent episode of Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman discussed the implications of a TV series centered around a young Bruce Wayne, my interest is severely piqued to see how they incorporate young Bruce into the storylines to make it appropriate for a 10-year-old while also not being too heavy-handed in the way they portray his development into the Dark Knight.

Though I’m looking forward to the use of Wayne and the possibility of live-action origins stories to some of our favorite rogues, I’m not too big on procedural crime dramas, so I’d have to begrudgingly watch it based on my love for the characters.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of using a young Bruce Wayne as a regular character? Let me know.

Source – TVShowAuditions.Info (via IGN)

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