Lex Luthor Actor Candidates May Surprise You

Less hair, a god-complex, and a nice suit and Idris Elba could be a pretty good Lex Luthor.
Less hair, a god-complex, and a nice suit and Idris Elba could be a pretty good Lex Luthor.

While Lex Luthor is traditionally Superman’s arch nemesis, Batman has always come into conflict with the would be savior of humanity. Both of them are great foils for the other, with them both being incredibly rich, influential businessmen, and ultimately, men who believe they are the peak of what humanity can achieve through sheer will and resources. They’re also men who represent what is “best” about regular humans in the DC Universe in what they are capable of achieving, both for good and for bad.  For Batman, his greatness is shown through his altruistic nature, and being able to keep up with these demi-gods that walk among the regular human populace. For Luthor, it’s about his quest for more power,  his ambition, and trying to fight what he sees is the biggest threat to humanity, reliance on super humans. Also they keep ruining all his illicit business deals to make more money and gain more power. It’s no surprise that Lex and Bruce have clashed both as civilians and in their more super-human related endeavors, as they represent the polar opposite in terms of philosophy on what it means to be a mortal man in a world of Gods, as well as what they both see is helping the human race.  Wayne believing in directly fighting and helping humanity overcome their darkness by battling it, while Luthor advocates a Darwinian, survival of the fittest, approach.

Lex Luthor showing up in a sequel to Man of Steel works on a lot of levels by having a common enemy that can draw in Batman to help Superman, both as Bruce Wayne, and the Caped Crusader. The question from a meta-standpoint is, who could play Lex Luthor? Who has the right level of menace, looks the part, and the acting chops to pull off someone that could give Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill a run for their money even when they’re working together? Everyone has brought up a few actors, Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad or Mark Strong from Zero Dark Thirty. Imposing bald Caucasians, right? Well, what if Lex Luthor were black in the new movie instead of white?

Perry White also had his race changed for Man of Steel, played by Cowboy Curtis himself, Laurence Fishburne, and I think he did a pretty good job in the role. According to a list of actors they’ve been looking into for the follow up to Man of Steel, there’s quite a few black actors like Denzel Washington, or Idris Elba. This does not mean that Lex Luthor is definitely going to be black, but this opens up a whole new slew of options for the role. With a more diversified cast, it opens up more actors and actresses for the roles. We’ll see who lands the role for Lex Luthor soon enough, but the question of who it’ll be has suddenly become far more muddled and interesting to say the least.

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