A Tumbler on the Green

The Tumbler made an awesome entrance in 2005’s Batman Begins, and has been used in a number of Batman media since (The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, current Batman comics). Now, it has made an entrance on the golf course.

tumbler cart 2 tumbler cart tumbler cart1

This beast right here was recently put up for sale on eBay and was sold for $17,500!  As expensive as that sounds, the seller didn’t make a profit. Here’s how he did it.

“Started off with an EZ-Go Golf-Cart, then stripped it down to the frame and 4 cup holders. It is hand crafted from the frame and sheet metal, including a sculpted, molded cowl, attention was paid to every detail. It has well over $30,000 to make, but it runs great and cosmetic condition is excellent, along with low hours.”

If I was a rich man, I’d surely buy this machine but unfortunately I’m not. However I, like you, would agree with Jim Gordon… “I gotta get me one of those!”

Source: CBS Sports



Ryan Lower

A lifelong fan of the Dark Knight, Ryan Lower grew up far from Gotham in Indiana but has planted roots in Chicago. A writer for a T.V. station, he also enjoys brooding at home in his own batcave, devouring Batman comics, shows and movies.