DC Trademark Supports Nightwing Rumors

It seems that Dick Grayson may finally get his time in the limelight.  While well known to many bat-fans, Nightwing isn’t a familiar hero to many, but with all the rumors circling around of his appearances in all forms of DC’s branching entertainment lines, that may soon change.  The how and where of his appearance are still just rumors and speculation, but with DC recently expanding their trademark for the character, it seems there is some strong credence to those rumors.


The trademark is for a logo image of:

 “NIGHTWING on a bat.”

Which sounds similar to the the current logo for Nightwing’s on going series,


and while a bit innocuous on its own, the trademark is registered for use in the following:

Clothing for men, women and children – namely, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits, trousers, pants, shorts, tank tops, rainwear, cloth baby bibs, skirts, blouses, dresses, suspenders, sweaters, jackets, coats, raincoats, snow suits, ties, robes, hats, caps, sunvisors, belts, scarves, sleepwear, pajamas, lingerie, underwear, boots, shoes, sneakers, sandals, booties, socks, slipper socks, swimwear and masquerade and Halloween costumes and masks sold in connection therewith.

Toys and sporting goods, including games and playthings–namely, action figures and accessories therefor; play sets for action figures; plush toys; balloons; bathtub toys; ride-on toys; equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; toy vehicles; dolls; flying discs; hand held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; game equipment sold as a unit for playing a board game, a card game, a manipulative game, a parlor game and an action type target game; stand alone video output game machines; jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; paper face masks; skateboards; ice skates; water squirting toys; balls–namely, playground balls, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs; baseball gloves; swimming floats for recreational use; kickboard flotation devices for recreational use; surfboards; swim boards for recreational use; swim fins; toy bakeware and toy cookware; toy banks; toy snow globes; paper party hats; and Christmas tree ornaments.


What all this means is that, DC is planning on putting all sorts of Nightwing merchandise out, which will possibly be in heavy demand once the character appears on either a TV show or a movie.  For my money I would say it will indeed be in Batman Vs. Superman, as they haven’t exactly put Arrow merchandise into high gear.  Maybe he will appear in both, linking the TV universe with the movie one, but what do you think?  Are you hoping for one over the other, or do you even want Nightwing showing up at all?

Source – Bleeding Cool