Josh Brolin Comments Further on his Possible Casting in Batman Vs. Superman, Defends Batfleck

In an interview, Josh Brolin reveals more details on what actually happened (or didn’t happen) with Batman Vs. Superman and further defends Ben Affleck as the Batman.

About a month or so ago, a list of names surfaced on the Internet that allegedly contained names of actors who were in the running to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Josh Brolin’s name was on top of that list. With Ben Affleck’s casting, it was assumed that the list was just horse pucky. Last weekend, however, Brolin dropped a bomb on us by announcing that he was indeed in early talks to play Batman, which I’m sure led several Batfans into many what-if or what-could’ve-been scenarios over the Oscar-nominated actor. In a recent interview, Brolin revealed that though there were talks, it didn’t really lead anywhere, or that he wasn’t in on them.

Check out the video below:

Though it’s easy to believe his genuine assertion of ignorance, it’s become commonplace for actors to intentionally mislead (or outright lie in the case of Marion Cotillard), but then again, those have always been with actors who are actually involved in the production of the movie.

I also really enjoy seeing Brolin continually discuss Batfleck. He seems genuinely upset by the outpouring of rage. Last week, he said “I want him to kick ass and I want everyone to love it and kind of eat their words.” It seems that this has seriously been grating at his nerves, so much so that he felt the need to bring up one of the most consistent criticisms of Ben Affleck, which is, of course, the infamous live-action Daredevil. He says: “How are you going to bring up a movie that Ben did 10 or 15 years ago and try and [criticize his talent]? I mean, come on. The guy’s matured and grown and look at the work he’s doing now. I’m going to defend him literally until the death.”

He gets so annoyed that he can’t even find the words. Though I love the fact that he’s rushing to Affleck’s defense, I can’t help but feel it’s only due to what he perceives as unjustified hate. Affleck needs the support, so who cares?

Do you think that Brolin knows more than he’s letting on? Do you think Affleck should be forgiven for Daredevil? Let me know.

Source – MTV News

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