Batman and Captain America Rescue a Cat

Recently, a West Virginia home caught fire, and trapped a kitten inside, which, luckily, was rescued by none other than Batman and Captain America.

John Buckland, founder of “Heroes 4 Higher,” a West Virginia-based company that provides costumed hero characters to children’s events, was suited up as Batman, while he was accompanied by Troy Marcum, who was dressed as Captain America.


Promoting the idea that anyone can “Be the Hero” to their community, Buckland and Marcum were working at an event in Milton, West Virgina, entertaining veterans and children on a Saturday afternoon.

Suddenly, the two costumed men noticed smoke emanating from a nearby home.  Almost immediately, the two faced the fire head-on as they were assaulted by thick smoke.  As they retreated, Buckland managed to grab hold of a kitten in danger.

CPR was performed on the cat, which sprung to life shortly after being rescued.

o-BATMAN-570 (1)

“When that cat woke up, it immediately started swatting and hissing at me,” Batman, otherwise known as John Buckland, told The Herald-Dispatch.  “It had a giant bat in its face, so I couldn’t blame it.”

Coincidentally, Buckland previously spent almost a decade as a firefighter in both Georgia and Iraq — the latter while working for the Department of Defense.

“I was able to talk to the owner after she got to her house,” Buckland told the newspaper. “She was glad we were able to rescue her cat, but she said there were two more in the house. I know it was a devastating feeling for her.”

As Bruce Wayne purported in Nolan’s recent Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman is a symbol — something incorruptible, yet accessible to anyone; anyone can be Batman.

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