Villains Month Preview — the Court of Owls

Villains Month is taking the comics scene by storm, and this time — as if their previous arc in Batman hadn’t been mind-blowing enough — the Court of Owls is making yet another appearance in Batman and Robin #23.2, in which creators James Tynion IV and Jorge Lucas tell readers some of the many chilling stories of Gotham’s oldest and darkest secret. Recently, five preview pages of this issue have been revealed to the public, which can be read here.

Villains Month is a part of the Forever Evil story arc that is meant to show readers how the world will look when it is controlled by the DCU’s darkest minds. As for the Court of Owls, I’m wondering how they’ll really be able to play into the Forever Evil storyline without compromising their secrecy. What kind of contribution will they make, and how crucial will it be? And, furthermore, will they still be the Court of Owls, known only through a nursery rhyme, or will they become something different at the end of it?

Source: Crave Online