Batman vs. Superman: Frank Miller to Speak with Zack Snyder

According to news source The Independent, Zack Snyder and Frank Miller will soon meet to have a dialogue regarding the upcoming Man of Steel 2.  The exact nature of the discussion has not been clarified, but we can safely assume that it may regard Frank Miller’s published work, The Dark Knight Returns, which depicts Bruce Wayne as a middle-aged alcoholic.

Batman, an alcoholic who comes out of retirement, stands over a nuclear-blast weakened Superman at the end of their climactic fight and says: “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come… In your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

If the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film subsumes this particularly dark foundation of broken-but-brutal Bat and a defeated Superman, then we may find ourselves viewing a fine film — but that depends on who you ask, since Bat-fans and Superman fans all have varying preferences.

Hopefully, the dialogue between Miller and Snyder will be one of creativity, or perhaps even one of compromise.  Since Batman vs. Superman may derive some influence from (but will not be adapted from) Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, we can understand that a discussion between Miller and Snyder should occur, since Snyder is set to direct the upcoming movie.

A source close to Miller, who also has Sin City and 300 sequels in the pipeline, told The Independent: “Frank had no idea the announcement [of Batman vs. Superman] in San Diego was going to happen so it did come as a surprise. He’s going to be meeting up with Zack in the next few days to go over the plans for the Superman film so things should be clearer after that.”

Will Batman vs. Superman showcase a fifty-something drunkard as an ex-symbol of hope that once dressed as a Bat?  How much influence will it derive from Miller’s work, if any at all?

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Source: The Independent