Community Spotlight: The Mindbender Chronicles

Check out the new fan-made series being done by a couple of awesome Bat-fans who want to continue the Batman Forever (1995) story. The movie is called The Mindbender Chronicles and it is the untold story of Edward Nygma after he is released from prison. The film is written by Elijah Winfrey and will hopefully be completed in 2013. Here is the synopsis of the story:


A young doctor can also be a naive one. Young doctor Hugo Strange hopelessly believes that he can transform, through surgery, the criminals of Gotham into law abiding citizens. Accompanied with the go ahead from an apathetic mayor mindbender2Strange goes to work on his guinea pig Edward Nygma.The idea is to wipe Nygma’s mind clean of any past criminal actions so that he will never again feel the urge to be the Riddler. The success of this experiment would ascend Strange into the title of best doctor to ever practice medicine in Gotham. Consequently if the surgery fails it would turn Strange into public enemy number one. On top of all that there is a new kingpin in Gotham and his name is Roman Sionis. Sionis is eagerly seeking out Nygma for a decoy against the Batman. So will Strange succeed in bending the mind of the Riddler? Or will Riddler, after 18 years of silence, come back more vengeful than anyone has ever seen him?

According to Elijah Winfrey, the story takes place 18 years after Batman Forever (1995) , assuming that Batman &Robin (1997) and the Nolan trilogy never happened. This is so they can maintain creative freedom.

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Source- The Mindbender Chronicles