Details on Son of Batman & Batman: Assault on Arkham

Big news for fans of both the Arkham game series and Grant Morrison’s Batman and Son comic material!  Two animated feature films with relevance to both these works should be available for your viewing pleasure by 2014.

Warner Home Video released details on these upcoming features Friday night, July 19th, 2013, at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. A co-production of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line adapts stories from DC Comics lore mixed with new content.

Son of Batman, based on Grant Morrison’s mentioned work, should be released by the Summer of 2014, and has recently begun production.

batman and son

Batman: Assault on Arkham will see a later release, more towards the Fall 2014, and will include talent credits from the Arkham game series, but this may or may not include the voice actors.  Assault on Arkham is a part of the same universe that the game series began; hence, one can safely presume, or hope, that particular voice actors will reprise their well-respected roles.

Perhaps we can cross our fingers for more cinematic adaptations of beloved stories and universes, provided that such films are well made.

Source: World’s Finest Online