Arkham Origins: Harvey Dent Confirmed?

The official Batman: Arkham Origins website seems to have accidentally revealed the inclusion of Harvey Dent in the upcoming third installment in the successful Arkham game series.  Apparently, the reveal has occurred in error, perhaps by way of translation inconsistencies.  The character biography of Roman Sionis, as visible on the official Arkham Origins site, can be viewed below.

arkham origins harvey dent

Between both the English and French versions of the Roman Sionis biography, the same idea is conveyed — i.e. Roman is a criminal, he hasn’t been convicted, and the investigation is ongoing.  The major difference is that the French bio presents this:


This is the final sentence (no pun intended) that ends the French bio, and, aside from directing readers to a related character absent from the site,  it should certainly imply that Dent will be present in Arkham Origins, and that he might even be the guy to take down Black mask, either legally or via the odds of a classic coin flip.  As a side note: oddly enough, the English version of the bio does not contain this final sentence…

Who’s excited to see our scar-faced friend in the upcoming Arkham game?

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Source: ArkhamVerse