The $1.6 Million Dark Knight Tumbler Tour

Team Galag is a colorful group of friends from Florida: who hail from the UK, Germany, the USA and Saudi Arabia. They have spent about $1,600,000 in order to create a driveable version of the Tumbler (the “Batmobile”).

This vehicle was first revealed in Batman Begins (2005) and was also shown in subsequent movies of the recent trilogy by director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight – 2008 and The Dark Knight Rises – 2012).

Team Galag is currently touring the Tumbler around the World; also taking part in the Gumball Rally, which entails driving three thousand miles across Europe. The starting flag has already been waved about 10 days ago.

Here is a glimpse of how the Tumbler was recreated.

004 tumbler galag

005 tumbler galag

006 tumbler galag

007 tumbler galag

008 tumbler galag

009 tumbler galag

010 tumbler galag


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