The Dark Knight Stumbles?

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It seems not all that Batman touches turns to gold. Batman Live, has left the City of Albuquerque covering some heavy costs. The show, which had trouble in other cities, lost a total of $220,000 over the course of its Oct. 17 through 21 run.

This has seemingly become a situation of looking for a scape goat.

“I think the show (Batman Live) just didn’t have the broad appeal that 15 buildings (arena venues around the country) and the production company thought it had,” [Star Center GM Gunnar] Fox said.


Officials ventured that the ticket price, ranging from $19.50 to $89.50 before handling fees, played a role in the attendance figures. But the show’s high-tech visual displays, elaborate costumes, acrobatics and props, including a life-size replica of the Batmobile, made it a costly production, [marketing director Mike] Killion said.


Fox also speculated that the tragic shootings in July at a screening of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colo., may have affected interest in the show.

“We got a ton of calls, tons of emails asking if the show was still going on,” Killion said

While many look to blame the show and even the license property of ‘Batman,’ it is important to realize this was a miss-venture by Star Center management.

Unlike many shows that split the financial risks between the show promoter and the venue, the Star Center paid a flat fee of $300,000 for the Batman Live show. The deal meant the center could keep all revenue from ticketing fees and concessions, but was responsible for all event labor and marketing costs.

But where does this leave The Dark Knight?  Is this a sign of a change in tide?  While it has been DC highest grossing property, is its time in the spotlight coming to an end?  Superman is about to release in theaters and with it comes the merchandising blitz. Toys, clothes, decorative items, and a slew of new comic titles.  Is this a return to the Post-Schumacher era, or simply a return to the shadows that Batman calls home?

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