Package Art For The Variant Play Arts DC Figures Revealed.

Square Enix is releasing a bunch of new DC figures through their Play Arts Kai division of merchandise. You might have seen the news a few weeks ago, but what you didn’t see was all the incredibly cool art that went into designing these figures and what’ll be on the boxes when they’re released. You might not want to get rid of ’em cause they have some really nifty art on ’em.  Square’s known for putting a lot of effort into the artistry that goes into making these figures and it shows especially with their very stylishly done visual boxes.  Personally, I really dig how Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Batman all look in in this kind of art style. I’m a fan of Square Enix’s art for a lot of their games, so I suppose it’s only natural that I dig the sort of kind ethereal and very stylish spin they put on the fan favorites super heroes of the west. What about you? Take a look for yourselves and see some of the art of the DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai figures that’ll be out sometime in late August.

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