City of Petaluma also has their Own Batman


One of the most inspiring things about Batman (there are so many more) is that he proves that anyone can be a hero. Sure, he may have years of unrealistic and unfathomable training with inhuman determination and iron-clad resolve, but below all these things that make him a comic book character, he’s human. A human without powers. And from that, it’s wonderful to think that there are people that really take that heart and attempt to do some good no matter their limitations. Tons of Batman wannabes (or superhero wannabes) have managed to grace the news and inspire folks, and this new one is no exception.

The city of Petaluma, in Northern California, has recently got their own Dark Knight in the form of a 19-year-old college student; his identity is wisely kept a secret. It looks like he’s been doing it for a few months now, but has recently got some major traction when the Huffington Post did a little piece on him. The piece and/or the accompanying video don’t do too much to highlight exactly what he does, but the gist of it is that fulfills the role of a neighborhood watch, by patrolling the streets and alerting the authorities if trouble is brewing. Also, when a classmate went missing, he alerted folks by simply putting up flyers. Aside from that, he’s also done some charity events for the city, as they don’t really consider him a nuisance.

Unlike some other real-life superheroes, the Petaluma Batman is trying not to step on anybody’s toes, while still attempting do as much good as he can. In a word, he’s not a vigilante and he’s not trying to be and that’s what’s allowed him to keep doing what he’s doing.

Here’s a nicely produced video that showcases some of the good he’s doing:

I like this guy. The schtick is getting a little old as real-life superheroes and/or real-life Batmen are becoming a dime a dozen. Though, does it really make a difference how many there are if they’re all just trying to do some good? In the end, I just hope this guy doesn’t get hurt.

If you support the guy, check out his Facebook.

What do you think about the Petaluma Batman? Is he an idiot? Is he a hero? Let me know.

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Source – Huffington Post

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