PREVIEWS: Red Hood & The Outlaws #18: Damian’s Requiem and the fate of Jason’s face

This issue as a lot going on.  Scott Lobdell’s final issue with the new team taking over for the April issue.  The aftermath of Batman Inc #8 is referenced as well as the aftermath of last issue where Jason put on the hood after Joker tampered with it.  One of the interesting things about this preview is the cover.  We go back to the original cover look over the one released with the Outlaws and Batman on the ground.  It appears we will get more of Jason’s New 52 past in this preview and more of the new history of what happened between Joker and Jason.  Also it sounds like Bruce has examined the Red Hood helmet after last issue

The April and May covers hint that the look of Jason’s face may not be too good.  What do you think Jason’s face will look like (the face already spoiled, unaffected, or something else)?  How with Death of the Family affect the Jason/Bruce interaction along with Damian’s death.  What will we find out about Jason in the New 52 history?  What will the new mission be for Red Hood and the Outlaws?

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Source: Comic Vine