Could Batman be appearing on Arrow sometime soon? Click the jump to find out.


For most of the decade, Batman has been the fore runner of Warner Bros.  and DC Comics’ bread and butter. Since it’s completion of The Dark Knight Rises and a Green Arrow TV show taking huge inspirations of the realistic franchise of The Dark Knight, could Batman be appearing on Arrow any time soon? According to Mark Pedowitz (CW President) shreds some light on Batman appearing on Arrow:

“At this time, no. And regarding your next question, regarding is Batman going to make a trip to [Arrow’s] Starling City, they’re not in the same state.”

Nice. So, basically it’s more of a hell no that Batman will be appearing on Arrow anytime soon. How come? Especially since most of the rogues in Arrow are Batman-related, how come Batman’s not making an appearance. It’s probably because the character is finished at this point. Another reason could be that they don’t want to show off a new Batman months after the completion of The Dark Knight Trilogy. We must remember everyone is still riding on the high of The Dark Knight Rises. In any case, it wouldn’t be best to bring Batman into Green Arrow’s universe especially when he’s the main star of the show. Batman would only just steal it the spotlight because he’s Batman.

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Source- IGN