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Warner Bros. has been secretly acquiring some things on the side. Could this be a Batman reboot or another Arkham game? Click the jump to find out.

There have been very little talks about a Batman reboot, but none the less it is possible that we will have one sometime in the future. However, batman_arkham_asylum-207223there has been evidence of Warner Bros. gearing up for something Batman related coming this way. According to Fusible, Warner Bros. has been secretly acquiring Arkham domain names from MarkMonitorwhich is an internet brand protection company that Warner Bros. has used before to get its warnerbros.com (Whois) and other domains like the 300 prequel. The domain names have all been registered since January 10, 2013 and the most common name found on all these domains is the name “Arkham.” For example, the registered name “ArkhamUniverse.com” has been taken as well as “BatmanArkhamLegend” and a few other names as well.

For the most part, these domains do not have a webpage. So why would Warner Bros. do this? Could it be that there might be another Arkham game on the rise? Will the next Batman reboot be featuring Arkham? We’re not sure at this point, Warner Bros. could be acquiring the names in order to protect their property. These are all rumors and speculations so hang back on the possibilities, of course.

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Source-  Fusible 

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