Joseph Gordon-Levitt is super popular now, and well he’s the most sought after actor for comic book movies. It seems he has found his movie after TDKR. Click the jump to see more.

For right now, it has been confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s will be josephGordonLevittSINCITYdoing Sin City 2 called Sin City: A Dame to Kill for. He will be playing as a cocky gambler by the name of “Johnny,” who has a dark mission to destroy his biggest enemy. So that means, he will not be joining Marvel/Disney in doing Star Lord on Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a good move to do a noir movie from Dimension Films especially, when he has just come off of The Dark Knight Rises. 

In any case, it’s good to hear that Gordon-Levitt is off of the Star Lord role, which would be a massive “Oh no!” Marvel/Disney can have Ryan Reyonlds who played as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and who will now play as Deadpool soon. They can have him, but not Gordon-Levitt that’s a hell no! Anyway, this is all speculation but if he’s doing Sin City then that means possibly he will return as Batman in a cameo for Man of Steel and the Justice League movie. Why would this mean that he will return as in a cameo? If he took the Star Lord role in Guardians of the Galaxy it would have automatically assumed that Gordon-Levitt would not return as Batman. Thus, it would mean that Warner Bros. would have to get a new actor as Batman for the Man of Steel cameo and of course the Justice League movie. Remember, Gordon-Levitt has not said yes to continue being Batman nor has his representatives. It’s all Batman speculation.

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Source- Deadline