The new CW show, Arrow has been making some pretty big waves since it’s premiere in the Fall 2012, now it has a big villain who has been inspired by Ras Al Ghul himself. Click the jump to see more.


It’s no secret that Arrow is similar to the way Batman has been portrayed in Christopher Nolan’s universe. It’s action packed, grounded, and it’s realistic in a way that audiences can say “Yea, I can see that in the real world.” Executive producer and co-creator, Andrew Kreisberg states thatCountvertigo their new villain has been inspired by Nolan’s version of  Ras Al Ghul. The new villain is Count Vertigo who has been known to use telepathic powers to cause vertigo for his victims. Now in this day and age, the use of the supernatural has been replaced by realism. Count Vertigo on Arrow will be a gangster who sells the drug called Vertigo so if you really have to think about it. Count Vertigo is more of Dr. Crane/Scarecrow who deals with drugs mixed with Ras Al Ghul’s power for organization. It’s an good inspiration and for those of you who are Batman fans, this is a good Batman fix for you even though it’s not Batman.

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Source- SciFi Now