Huh? What? Is that even true? Would this be a good thing or bad if Gail Simone leaves Batgirl? Click the jump to see.


Some rumors have been circulating and a few of them coming true. It seems that some comic book titles, writers, and artists are either being replaced or removed from The New 52’s line. Apparently, Gail Simone (writer of Secret Six and The New 52’s Batgirl) might be in the mist of leaving Batgirl. Why would this occur? Isn’t the title doing well? Well…for some Batgirl fans, they believe that Gail Simone is not writing Barbara Gordon well enough. There are minor details and continuity problems that come up throughout this comic book title. For other Batgirl fans, who love the title; Simone seems to be the best writer for this character. You can see the dilemma, people can love Simone or hate Simone either way, if DC Comics wants to let her go…they will. Anyway, Simone saw the rumor and stated this:

“I have not left Batgirl.”

End. Bottom line, Simone is not leaving. However, DC Comics has been shifty and well you never know what they might do.

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Source- Gail Simone’s Message Board