How come DC movies are not doing so hot as Marvel movies? Click the jump to read the answer.

So, how come Marvel movies are doing so much better than DC movies. Well, first and foremost it’s all due to the power struggle at Warner Bros. which is the parent of DC Entertainment. The heads, Bruce Rosenblum (President of WB Television Group), Kevin Tsjihara (President Home Entertainment Group), and Jeff Robinov (President of Motion Pictures Group) are supposed to work together, cooperate, co-exist, and sing kumbaya under the umbrella of Warner Bros. Instead, they’re all fighting over for higher positions!

Two years ago,  current WB Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes created an agreement for all three heads to work together theoretically. Bewkes was the top guy over all three heads at which his position becomes the most sought after among the three heads. Basically, they’re all fighting over Bewkes position. An anonymous  Warner Bros. executive stated the current climate at Warner Bros.:

“People [in the company] are very preoccupied with the issue of succession, and it creates an undercurrent of tension. Like being a kid wondering if your parents are about to break up.”

So, how does this affect DC’s success over Marvel?

  1. Slowed development of projects based upon the uncertainty of who is going to be running the company when Bewkes steps down at the end of next year.
  2.  President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson is one of multiple executives at WB who hasn’t negotiated new employment contracts with WB, and seem unlikely to do so while the leadership situation remains unresolved.
  3. Robinov might be replaced due to the failures of  Jonah Hex, Green Lantern and Watchmen. His replacement will not help, but hurt DC  Entertainment.

So many damn problems and we can ultimately blame these guys!

Bruce Rosenblum, Jeff Robinov, and Kevin Tsujihara

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Source- LA Times