DC Collectibles announced the arrival of Arkham City Series 4 character, Deadshot. Click to find out when this collectible character will be released.

DC Collectibles has just released a photo of the new character for merchandise collectibles, Deadshot. It is probably best to say that this character was picked due to the success of Arrow. It’s probably not really due to Arrow’s success as a TV show, but more about the fact that 3 previous Arkham City characters were picked prior to Deadshot’s arrival such as Arkham City Batman, Nightwing and Talia. All of these collectibles were featured at New York Comic Con ’12. So, it was only a matter of time for when DC Collectibles were going to release Deadshot.

These collectibles will be coming out March 2013.

Here’s a sneak peek image shot of the collectible down below. Enjoy!

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Source- DC Comics