Could The Joker Be Played By A Female Next?!

I bet this will make a lot of heads turn.  Berenice Marlohe, who can be seen in the upcoming Skyfall, has stated that she would be interested in playing Mr. J in his next on screen appearance.  No lie.

“I would love to be the Joker in the next Batman, I’ve done a reel where I’ve played the Joker. The kind of roles I really enjoy most of all are given to men usually.  Like Gary Oldman in The Firm. He was so great in that, and that’s the kind of character I like – a bit crazy and intense on screen.  I have always dreamed of being the bad guys in the movie. You know, the mafia chief. That would be my dream.”

Wow.  Well, if I may be a guy for about 2.5 seconds, HELL YEAH!  Okay.  Now logically, I’m not sure this is something execs nor fans would go for BUT, if the powers that be feel that she would bring something new to the table and give out a incredible performance then why not?  How would you guys and gals feel if a female was cast?

Source: Digital Spy

  • h4v0k_528491

    Isnt a female version of the Joker Harley Quinn?

  • If they ever did a film adaptation of Flashpoint, that’d work.
    The Joker in that story arch is Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s Mother.

    Apart from that, she’d probably want to consider playing Harley Quinn, not The Joker.

  • you need to delete your ‘hell yeah’ immediately if you ever hope to maintain any integrity with your audience. because if you think for one second that you can run a ‘dark knight news’ website, and support the idea of a female joker on screen…buddy you got a rude ass awakening coming your way.

    holy shit, i seriously cannot believe you just said that.