It seems that DC Comics has gone all political by doing something special with Justice League of America. 

Justice League of America will be coming out next year in Feburary 2013. The comic book will feature 52 variant covers for each state. Even though, we have only 50 states; it seems that Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. will have their own variant cover in this comic book. Here what Dan Didio stated this for the comic book and the reason for the variant covers:

“Given the title of the comic and the year in which we’re announcing — an election year — we wanted to celebrate the country, as well as the various states.”

It’s very ambitious, and it can be done. Anyway, what’s coming for next year as

well is there will be a solo comic book for  Katana and Vibe.  For which, I am sure these comic books will be under the Justice League category for DC Comics.  Katana should considered a Batman comic book (since she is now a spin-off from Birds of Prey), but we’ll see soon enough where she’ll categorized.

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Source- MTV Geek