This is a cool live-action fan-made trailer. This follows the Superman Doomsday, when LexCorps unleashes a murderous creature called Doomsday. Superman finally meets his greatest change. This time around they’re using The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman as the next trailer. Here’s what synopsis of this clip:

This is an interlude to the fan made Superman Doomsday saga featuring Batman. Here we see Bruce Wayne make a visit out to the Kent farm to console Ms Kent. While there he reminisces about meeting Clark and how they’ve helped each other in the past. This strengthens his resolve as he vows to fight for his lost friend. I’ll admit this one didn’t turn out as weighty as I’d hoped it would, it’s incredibly tough trying to show the strong relationship between these two heroes, but at least we get to see Bruce gear up for the big fight!

It’s a cool clip, and you may see a lot of mistakes in the clip. Still, it’s worth watching for the next three minutes. See the clip below.


Source- Superman Doomsday Facebook