Hurwitz & Sciver

There seems to be a trend following with Gregg Hurwitz (writer of Batman: The Dark Knight), one of the trends is revamping villains no one cares about that much. The second trend is that he revamps cerebral villains. Hurwitz did The Penguin miniseries called Pain & Prejudice, which gave respect as well as fan-love for the character again. He gave Scarecrow a darker back story portrayal, which still horrifies the crap out of people. Scarecrow’s story arc is not even over, the story will continue well into December. After Scarecrow, this January will be Mad Hatter’s turn to grace Batman: The Dark Knight and for some this may not be good.

For the fact that Mad Hatter is not the best well known Batman villain and he doesn’t pose as much of a danger to Batman. However, I have some hope that Hurwitz will do this villain justice with a cool back story that will make fans appreciate the character more. There will be tons upon tons of voice-overs for this character because he’s such a cerebral character. Anyway, just like Scarecrow’s story arc that is about 6-8 issues long; Mad Hatter will have the same length. Let’s hope that Gregg Hurwitz does a lot with this character that will impress the crap of us.

New artist for Batman: The Dark Knight is Ethan Van Sciver who is very happy joining the Batman Universe from the Green Lantern Universe. Sciver talks a little about what to expect for the new story arc featuring the Mad Hatter:

Gregg writes novels, and he writes for television, and so he packs a lot of story into 20 pages. And he also apologizes to me and says, “Ethan, I’m sorry, but I just wrote a ten-panel page.” I just have to laugh and remind him that I don’t mind drawing ten-panel pages as long as it’s fun, as long as it’s cool and exciting and as long as something interesting is being said or done in those ten panels. And it is. He’s very, very challenging. He asks for things that other writers won’t or just haven’t asked me to do yet. I think this is the perfect thing for me. I’ve been drawing comics for nearly 20 years now, and Gregg presents a really sophisticated Batman story – a big challenge that’s something I really want and need at this point in my career. I’m enjoying it immensely. I can’t even tell you how much fun I’m having.

Hmm..ten panels in a page. I’m so stoked for these detailed panels to come to life.

Source- CBR