Justice League #12 Review: The End of Villain’s Journey

RATING: Enjoyable Issue, read while you’re waiting for something/someone. 

Starting off, the League is still at Graves’ temple at his mercy. They are being confronted by the spirits of their dead loved ones , the ghosts make it clear that they are disappointed with them.  As they lay writhing on the floor, Graves enters, and monologues about how he blames the League for his family’s death. They realize that Steve Trevor is not really dead, but that it was just a trick and the League starts fighting back. After they have beaten Graves and time has pasted; Wonder Woman goes to see Steve, to tell him that they aren’t together and no matter what he says she doesn’t listen to him. While I’m reading this I’m thinking “Your just a bi**h for leading him on all this time” and now he is beaten half to death and you are treating him like a used mop… anyways. She feels bad for all that has  happened so she fires him from his position as the League liaison to protect him. Around the same time the Justice League is talking at the watchtower about the events and what they should do to combat what the media has seen. Batman and Aquaman argue about who is in charge, and Green Lantern quits so the Justice League can have a scapegoat. This reminds me of The Dark Knight movie with Gordan and Batman by the way. And finally we see Superman and Wonder Woman alone together expressing  their feelings about their dual identities and relationships. As the last page comes, we see an awesome spread of the two locking lips.

My thoughts on this was for the most part pretty good all around. Every Justice League comic so far has had non stop action in them. There has only been 1 out of the 12 issues so far that just didn’t grab me and this was definitely a game changer as far as I’m concerned. Jim Lee’s art work never disappoints me. Geoff Johns writing has been great outside of a few small issues I have. I’m not too pleased with Hal Jordan leaving the team. He has it bad enough on his own comics. Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple works. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before , who knows maybe down the line Superman cheats on Wonder Woman with Lois Lane and that causes a fight . I’m curious if Batman will have to take on Aquaman at some point. I  give this issue a 4 out of 5.

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– Adam



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