New Behind The Scenes The Dark Knight Rises Photos

Here are some recently released HQ behind the scenes photos from The Dark Knight Rises. Enjoy.















Tell us your thoughts on these new HQ Behind The Scenes Photos from The Dark Knight Rises below in the comment section.






  • Fantastic! I don’t remember Catwoman on the stairs…where in the film was that? Great pics.

    • h4v0k_528491

      It was when Catwoman was leading Batman to Bane. But I dont think they used that angle. Or that pic could just be on the screen test pictures

      • Hmmm, that makes sense. Like when she says “He’s behind you” to that Merc. Still, looks like they didn’t use that angle. Seems like there was a lot of cool stuff they shot that didn’t make it into the film.

        • Kristina

          we need all deleted scenes and outtakes on one dvd to keep in a safe.

          • I know! Probably won’t happen, but an Extended cut of TDKR would be amazing.

      • Kristina

        you’re right it is when she was leading Batman to his doom!