Gratefully, this will be Tony Daniel’s last issue of Detective Comics at least to my knowledge. Honestly, I am glad that he’s leaving. I mean he’s good, but his writing has not been so favorable as of late. I’m glad to see him go, because I dislike his new villains, Radium and Mr. Toxic. Since I am huge fan of Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus. Radium is definitely looking like the space jockey from Alien that is slightly portrayed in Prometheus. Both villains appear to be the same person, but that’s arguable. I do like Radium more in both costume and his villain name than Mr. Toxic. If you’ve heard before on the podcast, I would be more afraid of a villain named Helium than a guy named Mr. Toxic. Ugh!

Anyway, I hope Daniel gets to sum up this story arc involving cloning and nuclear fusion because this story arc has turned into a huge failing science experiment. I mean I love science, but if the scientific terms are not meshing well with the story or the readers. I think you shouldn’t even trend that field if you as the writer are not knowledgeable about the science behind cloning and nuclear fusion. I wish that Daniel really did something with this story, it had potential but it wasn’t getting pulled together. Anyway, here’s  the preview of Detective Comics #12 down below. Enjoy.

Source- DC Comics