I’m glad that DC Comics is starting to share some of their previews after the Colorado shooting. Hopefully, we will be able to see more previews from other comic books as well.

The whole thing about Batwing is that he is an international bat-member of the family, and he’s bringing the Justice League International with him to take on some land foes who oppose a threat to him. I’m glad to see that Nightwing is part of this story arc because I think Batwing is a bit by himself aboard. At least, Nightwing finds Batwing as part of the Bat-family even though he’s not part of Gotham City. I do like Marcus To’s work in this preview, and I have not been keeping up with Batwing so this issue should be a thrill for me. For those who are getting into Batwing as well as the comic book version of Batman after the movie. You should take a gander at the other Bat-family members such as Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, and others. For a preview of Batwing #12 please go down below to see part of this issue coming up this week. Expect a review on this issue as well.

Source- DC Comics