TDKR Passes $374 Million Worldwide

The Hollywood Reporter revealed yesterday that Warner Bros “The Dark Knight Rises ” has grossed 374 million worldwide so far . TDKR overseas grossed $44 million on opening day and internationally the total came to $ 149.2 million ; in North America . In the last seven days TDKR has grossed to a total of 224.8 million and the numbers are still climbing .

In North America, the superhero tentpole — from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures — is pacing slightly behind The Dark Knight Rises, with many box office observers attributing at least a part of the gap to last week’s theater shooting during a midnight screening of the movie. The threequel has earned $224.8 million in its first seven days, compared to $238.6 million for Dark Knight.

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It’s impossible to know how much money Dark Knight Rises has left on the table because of last week’s Colorado shooting, but 20 percent to 25 percent of the moviegoing audinece are very hestitant to go the movies, according to research tracking firm NRG.

The shooting doesn’t appear to be hurting the film overseas. On Thursday, Dark Knight Rises opened in a number of key territories, grossing $18.5 million for a new international total of $149.2 million.

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Dark Knight Rises grossed $2.4 million as it opened in Russia (including previews) and $1.7 million on its first day of play in Germany. The pic is doing huge business in France, where it grossed $5.1 million on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dark Knight Rises opens in a total of 40 foreign markets this week and weekend after rolling out in 17 countries last weekend, including the U.K., where it has now earned $36.6 million. That’s followed by Korea ($21.5 million), Australia ($20.7 million) and Spain ($6.5 million).

We will keep you update as news keeps coming .

Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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