According to DC EntertainmentBatman Inc. #3 will be delayed due to the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Now, why would this affect a comic book? Well…this issue will be covering tons of violence related to guns and DC Entertainment does not want to appear insensitive by releasing the issue. Instead, this issue will be released on August 22nd, a month from now. Chris Burnham (artist) confirmed this claim on his Twitter:

“Batman Inc #3 is going to be delayed a month due to some grim imagery that would seem wholly inappropriate given the Aurora killings. The book printed on time. I’m looking a copy of it on my desk right now. This isn’t a scheduling excuse, we’re trying to do the right thing.”

I think it is just tragic that both The Dark Knight Rises and this comic book was affected by the shooting in Colorado. I truly believe that the Colorado shooting affected the outcome of the movie and now its affecting DC Comics. I’m kind of ticked off. Today, James Holmes (the shooter) appeared in court with his unimpressive red hair dye with his matching orange jump suit. Take a look down below.

Source- Bleeding Cool 



  • stop showing this ass holes picture, it gives him press and attention which is exactly what he wants. his name or picture should not be mentioned again.

  • please stop showing pictures and using the name of this sociopathic ass hole. all it does is give him attention and make him more famous, which is exactly what he wants to happen. i hope you take this picture down and any other of him on the site

    • GregoriusTheBrown

      Actually, I prefer this. I don’t think this is what he wants. This guy wanted to be known as some terrifying force, beyond mere mortals. I think he’d actually prefer to be addressed by an impersonal moniker such as “The Dark Knight Killer.” The more references made to the actual man behind the persona he created, the more apparent it becomes just how ordinary and pathetic he actually is.