This week, DKN Podcast will be giving you a review special podcast this week on our thoughts about the movie and certain aspects that we liked and disliked. I made sure I brought up some of the conversations from the DKN Wants to Know What You Thought About TDKR? with all your comments about the movie. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be done editing the podcast to give it to you guys tomorrow. Cool?

Anyway, Chuck Dixon who is the co-creator of Bane disliked how the character was portrayed in Batman and Robin. He even claimed that he hasn’t even watched the movie because of all the poor reviews. Now, that Christopher Nolan has given Bane a second chance here’s what Dixon thought about Bane:

“Apparently, Warner Bros. was pressuring Nolan to use the Riddler, which would have been too similar to the Joker,” Dixon continued. “Plus, the Riddler, like the Joker and so many of Batman’s villains, is no challenge against him in a mano-a-mano fistfight. Batman will wipe the floor with him in that situation.
“I am beyond glad that Nolan had the juice in Hollywood to stick to his guns,” he added. “From interviews I’ve seen, it’s clear he understands the character and he gets what we were going for. It’s not exactly what I created, but he’s physically imposing and Tom Hardy is one hell of an actor. I can’t imagine Bane being better portrayed.”
I for one was happy with Bane’s portrayal in the movie. Of course, some thought that Bane was a little disappointing.
Comment below on what you thought of Bane and why he was disappointing? Or if Bane was totally freaking awesome, let us know down below.

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  • h4v0k_528491

    I thought Bane was perfect but i didnt like some of the editing they did to his voice. His voice was was the worst in the final cut of the prologue thats in the movie. Its not that I couldnt understand him but the redubbing made his voice sound less menacing than it was before. I want Old Bane’s voice back 🙁

  • knix24

    I thought Bane was the perfect character for TDKR, he is the complete opposite of the Joker. Heres how..
    1) Bane has a back story, the Joker didnt
    2) Bane had a reason to to hate Batman, the Joker did it for sport
    3) Bane had a plan, does the Joker really look like a guy with a plan?
    4) Everyone loved the Joker and enjoyed watching him do terrible things, Bane you were scared of and hoped Batman would (somehow) defeat him
    5) The Joker wouldnt stand a chance in a straight up fist fight with Batman, Bane… well you saw their first fight
    6) The Joker loved Batman and the connection they shared and wanted them to continue fighting forever, Bane wanted to kill Batman (after a lot of pain and suffering)
    7) This might be the biggest and most signigicant difference, their allies, the Joker killed like 4 of his own men in the opening scene, he didnt care about his men and they didnt care about him, they were in it for the money, Bane on the other hand had devoted followers who were willing to die for the cause (opening plane scene), this difference was huge and really contrasted the tone between the two villains.
    I’m sure there are more differences but thats what I’ve come up with
    So pretty much I think Bane was great! Tom Hardy was wonderful and huge, I didnt think he was too small, they made him extremely realistic and I personally prefer realism over staying completely true to the comics. Best interpretation of Batman to date in my opinion.
    My problems with Bane were
    1) They immediately gave away that he was in the LOS, I thought that should have been kept secret and surprised us with that
    2) Thought he should have hurt his back in the explosion at the LOS headquarters from the first movie, would have given him a even more personal hate for Bruce
    3) His voice was good, but the editing to it wasnt, it always sounded like it was coming from all around you not just from his mouth, and it was too loud in some scenes too
    4) Most people I have talked to dont even realize what his mask did, that could obviously just be their faults for not paying attention, but I still dont think they made it clear enough that because of his mask he literally couldnt feel anything so it was impossible for Batman to defeat him without breaking his mask first
    ……Still amazing and scary and I loved his portrayal though!

  • sands

    Bane was amazing. I love his story and how it was explain in the end of
    the movie. His voice was amazing and he was smart and very powerful. I kinda felt sorry for him when his helping Talia
    escape and they show his face for a second then the next scene you see
    is Ras al Ghul looking at him after he was attack, that was a really powerful scene. I was hoping we where going to see his face partially disfigured, but i guess Nolan wanted us to just imagine the worst. I know is crazy to compare Batman & Robin portrayal of Bane to this film but is funny how in both film his portray like some kind of protector to the main antagonist. In the end for just a second i felt like he was following orders, i guess that for me was one of the biggest difference between him and the Joker.

  • Geoffrey

    I don’t see how anyone could think Bane was disappointing. If people still had some problems with his voice, I say it’s more about the individuals personal taste as opposed to it being just simply bad to them. It’s fine. Different strokes for different folks. It’s funny though. Some of the criticisms I heard were kinda back handed compliments. Some thought he wasn’t scary enough & others thought he was too scary. Overall, people thought he was scary. lol

    Sure his voice had a little extra boom, bass & fury in it. lol But I thought it worked out fine. It gave me chills every time I heard it!

    I love the Darth Vader breathing, Lord Humongous like, Sean Connery-esque sounding vibes Bane gave off in this film! It was both unique & very memorable.

    This version of the character is the definitive version of Bane now, in my eyes. We now have the classic comic book version & the definitive live action version. Both great & equally iconic in their own right. But now, & perhaps forever, when people think of Bane…or do Bane voice impersonations…it’s going to be the Christopher Nolan/ Tom Hardy version they heavily reference.

    Count on it! 🙂


  • Matvei Leshchyov

    I liked Bane. He was cool, but I thought he was kind of one-dimensional and I hated how he was just a tool of Talia.

  • Batman got his butt handed to him by Bane, brutally kicked it! If that was not terrifying enough…