Travis Langley’s Batman & Psychology: Diagnosis Dull

Today over at Bleeding Cool writer Matt Streets has written a excellent article I had to share with you . He makes a point to focus on the good and inspiring things that superheros do and why a comparison to the violence and  real life has no leg to stand on .

In light of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, it seems ridiculous and irresponsible to carry on with this review without at least mentioning it. But drawing any conclusions between real-life events and the comic book world would only add fuel to the arguments that life imitates art, that fictional depictions of violence will cause things like mass murder. Obviously, that is not the case, but if the mainstream media wants to show how violent comic books can be, then we as comic fans should show how inspiring they can be as well. If one half-page scene in a 25 year old comic will drive someone to murder, then we should show the world what the legacy of Batman, and the good he represents, can do as well. Bruce Wayne would donate money, or build a new hospital in the light of such a tragedy, so we in turn should donate to the Red Cross, or a victims of violence charity. If you don’t have money to spare, donate your time to something like a troubled youth program, or even your blood to a hospital in need. Superheroes are here to inspire and show our potential as humans, and hopefully we can rise above the horrific events of today to live up to that potential.

I found this to be a great story as well as what else was said further on . To read more on this article go to the source .

Source – Bleeding Cool

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