Artist Gary Frank Talks Batman: Earth One

On July 19th Batman: Earth one artist Gary Frank talked a little to Newsarama about his work on the graphic novel  and the future of what is to come .

“Every volume will be a step in the development of Batman, with the character moving forward in some way,” Frank said.

Frank said he and Johns are approaching each volume by asking about what Batman’s motivations would be in the “real, current” world. For example, why would he wear a costume? Would he have a Batmobile? How would he have gadgets that always work?

“That was our first departure point, to question the very basis of the things that we’ve always known about Batman,” Frank said. “And then the other big difference is that our Batman is not a superhero. As far as I know, in his world, there’s no such thing, really, as a superhero. As our story begins, people just think he’s a crazy guy. And to some extent, they may be a little bit not too far from the mark with that.”

What makes this month’s first volume of Batman: Earth One unique is that it shows an easily shaken, amateur Batman. And visually, Frank said he emphasized that by portraying Batman’s eyes as real eyes, instead of the traditional “white slits” that were used in former Batman stories.

“Drawing the ‘real’ eyes behind the cowl was mainly done because our Batman is not really Batman,” Frank said. “He’s a man in a costume. It’s the man who becomes Batman. From that point of view, you need to have some kind of connection with the character visually. You need to see him and relate in terms of a human being, and not as an iconic image, as a larger-than-life character. He is exactly life size.


The story goes a little long so for the whole story head over to the source .

Source – Newsarama

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