Reports have just been released now that the shooter, James Holmes was a medical student in the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. The 24 year old withdrew from attending the university in June. When Holmes was arrested, his family was contacted to identify Holmes. His mother knew with a gut instinct that her son had committed the crime to attack. This asks the question, if his family knew he was going to commit the assault at the theater or if they knew that he was mentally unstable since he left school?

More on Holmes, the Colorado police department is trying to investigate his apartment where Holmes stated that he booby trapped with explosives. Holmes previously stated that he booby trapped his car to explode, but there were no explosives. Holmes could be lying about the apartment, but the whole building was evacuated for safety reasons. Police are trying to gain access in through the windows and the walls of the apartment. Since this massacre, movie theaters showing The Dark Knight Rises will be heavily guarded even though, there are no threats of a copy cat. Hopefully, we can call continue to enjoy watching the movie throughout this weekend. Since I live in New York City, I know that the threat of this is not going to be taken lightly. We might have metal detectors going into the IMAX theater. Damn!

Stay tuned for further updates on TDKR Massacre to find out why Holmes attacked the moviegoers in Colorado.

Source- CBS