This is not official yet…but Warner Bros. is considering to pull the movie from all theater chains. Since TDKR massacre, Warner Bros. is torn about cancelling the movie and is thinking of either releasing the movie on a later date or a few months down the line. WHAT THE HELL?! They already cancelled the Paris premiere after hearing about the TDKR Massacre in Colorado. So now, there might be cancellation in other movie theaters as well.

It is understandable, but…not everyone has seen the movie. What about those who have already purchased their IMAX tickets? Will there be a refund? When DKN has the official decision, we will let you know.

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  • AlexHeyNa

    This is called taking something too far. Sure, the killing were tragic, but it’s not because of the movie that he did it. It’s because he wasn’t right in the mind. AT ALL. To think holding off the release date for the film is going to change anything is just absolutely ridiculous.

    Fuck Warner Bros. and their left-wing minds….

    • Geoffrey


      “and their left-wing minds” What does politics have to do with this? People were murdered. I don’t care where you or anyone else stand politically! This is human life we’re talking about. Human life that was lost thanks to a madman’s murderous rampage.

      I don’t want WB to pull the film neither. But don’t bring politics into this. This country is already divided enough as it is! 🙁

  • i know things

    its just a bunch of speculation, its not gonna happen, they know they will lose way to much money if they do, don’t read into it so much. they would lose millions

  • Geoffrey

    I’am so devastated right now. After so much intense build up for this film…the recent tragedy has brought everything to a complete standstill.

    I don’t think WB should pull this film from theaters. Sure it’s a very dark & brooding film…but from what I heard, at it’s heart, it has a very powerful & uplifting message. But I understand why they might want to pull the film. I hope they don’t.

    The film’s uplifting message should be experienced.

    “It’s always darkest before the dawn” – Florence & The Machine

  • JackMate

    TDKR/TDK are just scapegoats for these massacres as video games have been many times before, it would be so wrong for Warner Bros to take it down the movie was no way the cause of the insanity of this man performing the massacre and pressure should possibly be put upon the theatres to tighten security but they better not recall screenings as a result of this

    P.S will there be a podcast anytime soon discussing thoughts on the movie as a whole? For people who have already seen the film including spoilers

    • Kristina

      of course, we are scheduling to do it this weekend.

  • Adam Prince

    My prayers go out to the family’s that have been devastated by the shooting . I think it would be a BIG mistake to take the film off the theaters . When 911 happened they still put out Spiderman . This is no different . We live in troubled times and we need to have the escapism from what troubles us sometimes . Being that this is a Batman movie . People need to know that yes there is evil but there is also good . I dress up as Batman and go to events and charities for kids and people of all ages . Batman much like many other superhero films gives people hope and kids someone to look up to . When they grow up they might be Firefighters ,Police officers , EMT’s , or Military . I got into Firefighting because of the good I could do and the pride of helping people . Warner Brothers doesn’t need to let a something like this determine what they need to do . This is your time to stand strong . If you want to help your cause help the victims of this disaster to show them there are heroes willing to help .

  • Theaters need to take responsibility for lack of security. Look at how much is made at the concession stands. I’m sure these greedy bastards can afford security, especially at locations where thousands gather everyday.

  • h4v0k_528491

    If they are doing this, they will let the shooter win because now there will be more security in theatres. The dominio effect is just starting right now and its going to lead to other things also. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims