This morning at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises showing in Aurora, Colorado. Moviegoers and  Batman fans went to see the movie. As they sat fifteen minutes into the movie, an man dressed in black SWAT clothes  entered from the exit door of the theater throwing a smoke bomb and shot dozens of people who were viewing the movie. There have been many interviews with those who witnessed the massacre stating that he shot not only men and women, but children as well. Right now, the gunman has been identified as James Holmes and threatens that his apartment where he planned this massacre is booby trapped with explosives. The police have arrested him, but what is interesting is that James Holmes did not resist arrest. During his arrest, he claimed that his car was filled with explosives to blow up the theater. There is no reason behind this massacre, but there will be more reports on this massacre throughout the day. Please stay tuned for more updates and to read about this tragedy please go down below in the related posts to get more updates.

Please comment down below if you know someone who was in this horrible attack or how you feel about this tragedy. Go down below to see the clips of reports and the aftermath of the shooting down below.



  • Rise

    First Ledger, now this…it’s unfair to Nolan two of his movies are tied with death…though I feel ironically, and if you let it, the movie itself sends the message to be inspired to Rise up against crime like this. Some men just want to watch the world burn..

    My heart goes out to all of the familes and people involved.

  • Geoffrey

    My stomach is sick & my heart is filled with sadness. My condolences to the victims & their families. I’am so glad they caught the monster responsible for this senseless act!