On a lighter note today, The Dark Knight Rises is raking in at the box office. According to Deadline as of 12pm (Eastern Time), the TDKR Massacre has not stunted the movie’s grossing. In New York City, the 10 a.m. show in Manhattan grossed at about half a million dollars just for the early show. Here’s what Warner Bros.’ movie executive stated about TDKR Massacre:

“What happened in Colorado is atragedy, make no mistake about it. But East Coast numbers are coming in like nothing ever happened. We grossed half a million dollars by 10 AM just in Manhattan.” One reason for that is because most of today’s grosses, and a good portion of this weekend’s, consisted of $30M in pre-sales. So whether moviegoers show up or not to the theaters doesn’t matter: they still paid for their tickets. The real-time effect of the Aurora movie theater shooting likely won’t be felt at the box office until Saturday at the earliest and more likely Sunday and next week and next weekend as pre-release sales decrease. “One incident, as horrific as it is, does not necessarily cause people to want to change their patterns,” a Warner Bros. Exec explained to me. “Young people still want to go to movie theaters and they still want to see this movie.”

The Dark Knight Rises scores $71 million worldwide; $30.6 million; midnight;  and $10.4 million international. More or less, Warner Bros. probably will not stop showing the movie this weekend. What we all have to keep in mind is that many moviegoers brought the tickets beforehand so the money being made is from pre-sales. Now, what will happen in the weeks to come? Will there still be a moviegoer following after this weekend? Or will the tragedy be too much for people to want to see the movie? What do you think? Comment below.

Source- Deadline