I was never a huge fan of the Justice League, but since I read all the issues. I am beginning to like Geoff Johns (writer) portrayal of the League and Jim Lee’s (artist) artwork that collaborates very well with the Johns’ story line. If you’ve seen my preview of Justice League #11, then you know that I called Batman as being more bad ass than the rest of the League.  In Issue #11, Graves (the new villain) attacks the League with spirits that make the heroes relive their greatest bad experience. This cripples the League for a bit, but the one who shakes off the experience quickly is Batman. That’s bad ass! We all know that for Batman, his bad experience is to relive is his parents’ murder. I say come on…is that it? Batman relives this almost all the time even while he’s taking a number two in the bathroom. Seriously! Batman is psychologically tougher than the rest of the League. Still, Graves gives the League a run for their money with that whole reliving attack.

I like Graves as a villain, he’s not scary just creepy. It seems like if this story arc is to be considered for live action, I would say that Guillermo del Toro would have too much fun with this character. I love how Johns connected the story arc with Darkseid to jump off this current story arc. Unlike other comics that drop previous story arcs and move to the next without a transition. I am grateful that Johns gave us a good transition into this new story arc by connection the two arcs. Artwork is good and I am glad that Lee has a lot of far away panels where you can admire the scenery. It’s like you’re watching an animated feature and the camera is zooming out to give you a different perspective. Lee has beautiful art direction and gives us great emotional scenes. Especially, where Batman and the League were in the Valley of Souls. The Valley of Souls scene was just empty vastness challenging the League’s personal guilt for their dead loved ones. I wonder how well Batman will be able to hold his psychological and emotional strength in the Valley.

What did you think of Justice League #11? Could this comic book become the next live action for Warner Bros?  See below for selected scenes of the issue that I thought were awesome by Jim Lee’s art direction.  Comment below.