If you have seen the preview of Birds of Prey #11, you would know that I haven’t been keeping up with the comic book. Recently, I read through all of issues and I must say that I am impressed by the fact that Poison Ivy is part of the team. All throughout the comic book, Batman continuously warns the team not to trust Poison Ivy. At first, I thought Batman was just being Batman because he trusts no one and I thought that Poison Ivy was becoming a cool anti-hero. If you know me, I am a huge anti-hero lover. However, I’m like Batman…”I don’t trust the green bitch.” Well in Issue #11, let’s just say…the green bitch didn’t fail to disappoint. This time around the Birds of Prey fell victim to Ivy’s betrayal. All the while, Ivy continues to state that she enjoys the Birds of Prey’s friendship and blah, blah, BLAH! Personally, I wouldn’t care if my friendship meant anything to you if you’re blackmailing me! Ivy is a twisted person, so her betrayal should not have been a surprise at all like I said “I don’t trust the green bitch.”

My concerns for this issue is that when Ivy was laying on her back, her body suit was torn apart. A page or two later, her body suit was repaired. Three pages later, the body suit was torn apart again; then it was repaired again. Either this could be a mistake by the artist or her body suit has some serious mood swings. Even though, I dislike Poison Ivy…I really like her body suit. Her body suit has a nice silhouette showing off her body very well that gives off that alluring seduction. Also, her body suit has a purpose which is explained in Issue #11. The artwork was better than Catwoman #11, but I felt that this issue was a little rushed. The following sequence of images below shows how confusing Ivy’s wardrobe is in the issue.

What did you think of Birds of Prey #11? Do you like Poison Ivy? Comment below. To see more images see below.