I love Nightwing’s new villain, Paragon. The name alone is just awesome. I found out what the name means and it means “model of excellence” or “ideal.” Now, if you have been keeping up with Nightwing recently. Paragon expects nothing more than perfection from his “Republic of Tomorrow” followers. If they show weakness, well…one fatal electrical slash will do the trick. Now, Paragon is not scary or creepy instead, he’s pretty cool when it comes to the costume design. I really love his costume that screams Morpheus from Matrix and Tron Legacy with his choice of helmet and weaponry. I’m really digging the weaponry choice that is an electrical version of a chakram. It can extend about 10 yards or more, which is great for field fighting. Enough about Paragon whom I adore and I thank Brett Booth for designing him for Nightwing.


As for the comic book itself, the artwork was good during the fight scenes. However, there were some hiccups along the way. Where Dick is talking

to Sonia, I just felt the whole art scene was really rushed. I think they show too much emotion from Dick when he’s surprised like he’s having a “blonde moment” aka dumb moment. His whole face looks like he’s have a spasm attack. The panels were excellently placed showing good art direction coordinating with the dialogue. Damian is in this issue, and they made him sound like a midget Yoda. I kind of liked that Damian is showing his warm side to Dick, I guess Damian is his father’s son when he remembers not to do Chinese water torture on people. At least, the fight scenes were done perfectly.

What did you think of Nigthwing #11? Also, check out some images down below of what I thought were excellent and sloppy. Comment below.