Since Gulliem March is now gone, the artwork for Catwoman #11 was blah, blah, BLAH! For the first few pages, Catwoman looked like an old woman like in her 50’s old. I have nothing against women in their 50’s, I think that’s when a woman is really in her prime. Hello! Cougars. I peg Catwoman to be in her early 30’s or late 20’s, of course I’m being optimistic about the late 20’s. Anyway, the fight scenes at the beginning was terrible. I know when you’re fighting everything is quickly done. However, in this issue I think some moves that Catwoman pulled were a little confusing and the end result was just “oh! how did they get there?” There is a sequence of things that need to happen when you’re fighting, and maybe Judd Winick (writer) or the new current artist Adriana Melo didn’t put much effort into the issue. Winick is leaving this comic book and Melo is just here as back-up artist. The issue might have been a rush for Melo. So, Issue #11 is just a botch job for both of them and it shows. See a bit of the selected fight sequence that seemed odd. From left to right is how the fight went down.


I still like the fact that Winick continues to portray Catwoman as sexually as he can. She’s the kind of woman who flirts and teases the crap out of you, I mean that takes confidence and she has it. However, Melo didn’t share as much of an interest in portraying Catwoman sexually. Throughout, this issue Catwoman was modestly portrayed and it seemed that towards the middle of the issue; Melo got into the flow of drawing Catwoman decently. Cheers, Melo! I would like to take this moment to say that I still can’t stand Spark, and he is a nuance so I’m hoping at some point he will die. Sorry, he’s the thorn in my side for Catwoman. Moving forward, Catwoman seemed to continuously make mistakes and that’s not really like her to be such a dunce. She’s really at least two steps ahead or more, but she’s really flopping in this issue. I’m wondering where the hell this is going with her sloppy decision-making and what happened to her when she was kidnappped while she was turning tricks long ago? Seriously, Winick is just giving us a quick story line here. The villain whom I have no idea what her name is or his name (no clue at this point), looks like Raggedy Anne with a cracked face resembling Harry Potter’s scar.  I really thought that Ragdoll from Secret Six might show up…nope it’s Anne with a needle machine gun. The villain’s gun is quite innovative and impressive, one of the few things I was impressed with. The issue was not a total flop just slightly above the word “flop.” I’m really looking forward to Ann Nocenti’s writing this coming fall.

What did you think of Catwoman #11? Are you going to miss Winick’s writing? Are you missing Gulliem March’s artwork? To see some images of this issue go down below. Comment below.