“Black” Carpet Premiere of The Dark Knight Rises

Those of you who have lives outside of the computer probably missed the live streaming of the “Black” Carpet Premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Here are clips of what the actors said to reporters:

Christian Bale: “I hope I can sit back and enjoy it like a fan. I always say this is the last time I watch a movie that I am in, but you’re working with so many people, so I sort of feel disrespectful not to see what everyone does.”

Anne Hathaway (on donning the Catwoman suit): “I feel very calm about it, actually. Maybe I shouldn’t.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (remembering The Dark Knight): “It’s funny, because I remember seeing The Dark Knight in this exact movie theater because I was living in New York. Now to be here is very strange.”

Only three more days, folks!

Watch the entire broadcast below:


SOURCE: NY Daily News