Last night on The Late Night Show, David Letterman was interviewing with Anne Hathaway and he stated that he saw the movie. I know that many people might hate him after this statement, but don’t hate us. We’re just reporting it to you. Don’t shoot the reporter/writer.

He claimed that the ending of the movie…is….that….Batman….dies. THE END. Now after Letterman said this, he paused and looked at Anne Hathaway. They both laughed their asses off and he tried to back pedal saying that it was all a joke. What do you think? Is it a joke or is this for real because they both paused for what seemed like forEVER! Comment below. DON’T HATE ME.

Source- Huffington Post




  • i have a feeling that it was a joke, especially since they started laughing about it like that.

  • JR Hoskins

    I tried not to look, but I do not care, I still have to see this movie.

  • h4v0k_528491

    Batman cant actually die anyways

  • AlexHeyNa

    I know Batman isn’t gonna die, so this doesn’t phase me.

  • Geoffrey

    He was joking. lol

    You can tell he was right after Anne looked at him said his name. Them laughing about it further sealed the deal. lol

    David Letterman was taking a jab at all of the ferver here online over the rampant speculation about this film. If people are mad at him about it, they should know that it’s all about the ratings. He’s got people talking about him. He got what he wanted.

    So in that respect, to Mr. Letterman I say…well played, sir. 😉

    I think if he had actually spoiled the ending to this film, Anne would be sitting there in shock & not know what to do. She would be speechless.

  • Rise

    This isn’t aired live. If Lettermen made a mistake, they would have edited it out

  • Brandon

    Batman doesn’t die at the end. That would be a very bad move for the ending.

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    I’m pretty sure Batman isn’t going to die. That would cause too much anger among fans.